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Ukrainian Assistance
Projects of the company
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Services and prices
Service Cost Timing
Public information – address, telephone number, site included in the service program – free of charge Within 24 hours
Special medical information – programs, tests, consultations, specialists, treatments, operations, costs according to the task, etc. from 100 euro, depending on difficulty of task, according to the outcomes for solving this task by German department of UkrAssist from 5 work days
Remote expert consultation on the basis of current Ukrainian medical documentations from 300 euros from 1 week
Full arrangement of the trip for examination, treatment, operation, etc. from 300 euros from 1 week
Transfer airport-city from 50 euros from 2 hours
Room at the hotel in any hotel with a discount of 5-15% by your preference from 2 days before arrival
Medical support, guide and translations services from 300 euros per day from 2 days before arrival
Car rental from 49 euros + petrol from 3 days

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