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Examples of tasks

Help me to choose a clinic specialized on cataract treatment and plan a trip. Will go my wife, her sister and me.

Solving: appropriate German Clinic (Augentagesklinik Spreebogen) was chosen, in which such operations are conducted at the highest level; medical history, tests and examinations are sent to the clinics. An appointment is made for a client to see a specialist (Dr. Tezt). Optimal flight was found and hotel in the downtown at a special price. There was an organized meeting at the airport, transfer by the luxury-class car with a driver-guide and interpreter in one person. After the examination, the client was signed up for the operation next day, hospital room was chosen by the request of the client. The shopping tour was organized for the relatives of the client The operation was successful, all planning of the trip took four days, the trip totally - a week.

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